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Wargs, also known as Dire wolves, are a species of highly dangerous magical beasts that originate from ancient Nordic lands, but are now an epidemic worldwide. They are descended from the wolves Sköll and Hati, sons of the wolf Fenrir, son of the Nordic Immortal Loki and his ogress wife Angrboda.


Wargs basically look like mundane wolves, however, there are a few things that separate themselves from mundane wolves. They have fur as black as night, eyes as red as blood, fangs bared at anything other than other wargs, and, most astonishing of all, they are wolves the size of horses.


Wargs are wolves that are much more dangerous than mundane wolves. They are so dangerous, the only ones allowed to even go near them are Loki's demigod children, as only they have the ability to communicate with these wild beasts. The only other ones allowed near these beasts are other wargs, and/or mundane wolves.


  • Enhanced bite: Wargs, due to their fangs and jaws, possess a powerful bite.
  • Enhanced condition: Wargs are able to remain in peak physical and mental condition with little or no maintaining.
  • Enhanced durability: Wargs are able to sustain numerous blows of internal or external assaults.
  • Enhanced endurance: Wargs are able to perform with little to no energy for an extended period of time.
  • Enhanced hearing: Wargs are able to hear with amazing clarity, distance, and even ultrasound.
  • Enhanced smell: Wargs are able to detect specific persons, beasts, places, substances, objects, etc., locate their origins, and even track, using only their sense of smell.
  • Enhanced speed: Wargs are able to move at extraordinary physical speed.
  • Enhanced stamina: Wargs are able to be physically active for considerably longer than most other beings and beasts.
  • Enhanced strength: Wargs are able to exert a large amount of strength from their muscles.
  • Night vision: Wargs are able to see effortlessly and clearly in either low level light or complete darkness.
  • Claws: Wargs are able to use their claws as devastating weapons.
  • Super howl: Wargs are able to emit a highly destructive and deafening howl of high amplitude from their vocal chords.


  • Heather: As they are descended from Fenrir, who is trapped on Lyngvi, the Isle of Heather, wargs naturally possess his aversion to heather plants.