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Riders are beings that have each bonded with a magical creature, or Mount, and have gained powers through that bond.


Riders look almost similar to the race that they come from, however, the main difference is a special mark on the palm of the rider, which varies depending on the mount. Another thing in common among riders is that they tend to wear a Rider Bracer, which is a special arm band that allows a rider to store his/her Rider Form/armor, store their weapon, and even summon their Mount.


Rider behavior is similar to their respective race.


Most rider powers are dependent on their mount, however, there are two powers that they have in common.

  • Magical bond: Riders, from the moment they and their Mounts meet for the first time, have a mental and emotional bond, thus allowing them to communicate by thought.
  • Rider transformation: Riders are able to switch between their civilian form and their rider form. This, as mentioned above, is possible via the Bracer.