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Reapers, also called shinigami or valkyries, are beings that work for the various underworld Immortals. Their job is to ferry the souls of the dead into the different afterlife realms that their respective masters run. There are those who are born shinigami, however, they are usually spirits of those who died an unnatural death (aka suicide), and, as punishment for not living a full life (and therefore violate the Laws of Life and Death), are given the job of ferrying dead souls for the rest of the years that they had left in their natural life.


Reapers that became Reapers tend to look similar to what they were before they died, however, natural born reapers tend to have black hair, pale skin, and purple eyes. However, most reapers tend to wear black robes, although valkyries tend to wear Nordic-style armor. Also, all reapers tend to have one physical trait in common; they all have black bird wings sprouting from their backs, which takes the form of a cloak when not in use. Also, recruited reapers tend to have physical characteristics depending on the way they died (e.g., gunshot wounds, slashes, ropeburn, etc.).


Shinigami are spirits that are usually on the morbid side of mentality. Also, recruited reapers tend to be rather resentful about being forced to reap other souls for the rest of their original life.


  • Spirit physiology: Reapers have the standard powers of spirits.
  • Afterlife door summoning: Reapers are able to summon the gate to the part of the underworld that their respective employer runs.
  • Death/lifespan sight: Reapers are able to see the exact time and way that a person will die.
  • Weapon proficiency: Reapers are extremely proficient with various weapons, usually swords, scythes, or spears, but other weapons aren't unheard of.