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Oracles are beings that are descended from the original Oracle, thus gaining the power of the oracle.


Oracles look similar to humans at first glace, but they have longer shinier hair and glowing eyes which appear to have nebulas in their irises.


Similar to humans, apart from their ability to gaze into the future. Often may speak in tongues, rhymes, or ancient languages.


  • Clairvoyance: Oracles have inherited their ancestors power of seeing glimpses of the future. They also can see glimpses of the past and the present, if that in any way will affect the future. This power manifests either through dreams, or by involuntary entering a dream-like state. They also, if the oracle isn't sure whether his/her last dream was a dream or a vision, can use a special spell, along with a focal object, usually a crystal, mirror, or bowl of liquid (usually water or oil), though other objects aren't unheard of. With the dream-like state and the focal objects, their eyes will glow a bright golden color.