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Mages are humans who are able to use magic in the form of spells.


Mages are mostly human in appearance, but, when they reach a certain age, their magical specialty is realized, and therefore, may have oddly-colored hair and eyes. Also, they lose this human-like appearance if and when they start practicing dark magic. They usually dress in human clothes, which, again, varies depending on what their magical specialty is.


Mages behave similarly to normal mortals, however, mages have a ceremony in which the mage children, as well as fairies, genies, cait sith, cu sith, and the hybrids and demimyths thereof, that are of age will realize which magic they will specialize in. When this happens, a magical circle appears around them, depicting a symbol that represents their magic specialty. Then the magic circle will enter their body and their hair and eyes will change depending on their magic specialty. The ceremony itself, known as the Magical Realization, is presided over by the various Immortals of magic, such as Hecate/Trivia, Thoth, Isis, Odin, Tezcatlipoca, Sun Wukong, and Kanaloa, among others, as well as the various members of the Story community that have experience with true magic, such as Fairy Godmother and Mother Goose.


  • Magic: As stated above, mages are able to use magic, and the magical specialty differs from mage to mage. This magic is channeled through magical weaponry that each juvinile mage gets through their realization. Each mage's spells are also recorded through a grimoire that they get after their realization.
  • Familiar contract creation: Mages are able to form a contract with a creature and make them their familiar. After said contract has been formed, mages are able to summon and communicate with their familiar at will, and their familiar acts as their guide, pet, friend, and even conscience, if needed.