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Immortals are beings that, although they aren't divine in their own right, were once worshiped as if they were. Nowadays, they (most of them, anyways) just want to be respected, as a king or queen would be respected.


The appearances of the Immortals differ from humanoid, semi-humanoid, bestial, to even energetic/elemental. One thing that they each have in common is the ichor flowing through their veins.


Immortals' personalities differ from individual to individual.


The immortals' powers usually differ from individual to individual, depending on their "Sphere of Control", however, they do have some powers in common.

  • Enhanced physiology: Immortals tend to have significantly enhanced strength, speed, combat, etc., when compared to mortals.
  • Immortality: Immortals are almost completely, well, immortal, as they do not age, get sick, or die. They can, however, be hurt.
  • Magic: Immortals have a significant amount of raw magical power, usually used to manipulate their domain, but also includes telepathy, telekinesis, levitation, etc.
  • Shapeshifting: Immortals have the ability to take whatever shape they want.
  • Aspect swapping: Certain Immortals are able to switch between different aspects, sometimes at will (the Greco-Roman Immortals), sometimes because of an Immortal version of Dissociative Identity Disorder (the Egyptian Immortal Sekhmet/Hathor), or depending on the time of day (the Greco-Roman Immortal Hecate/Trivia, the Egyptian Immortal Khepri/Ra/Khnum).
  • True Form: Immortals have the ability to become their True Form, which is a form so full of raw magic and power that any lesser being that looks upon it is reduced to shadow imprints on the walls and floor.


  • Fading: Immortals are immortal, so they cannot "die" in the mortal sense of the word, however, if their sphere of influence is destroyed (meaning if their realm of power is destroyed), then they will eventually lose their power and fade away from existence.