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Demimyths are beings that are the offspring of a mortal, and a mythical beast, being, or hybrid thereof. There are a few demimyths who go by names other than demimyth, the names of which can be found here.


Demimyths appear mostly human, but maybe have some resemblance of their magical parent (e.g., small horns for a dragon demimyth, hair that somewhat resembles feathers for a harpy demimyth, a greenish tinge to the skin for an anthousa demimyth, etc). However, they not only have a human form, but also, they have a magical form that they can become when needed. This form differs depending on their parent.


Demimyth behavior differ depending on their magical parent.


Demimyth powers differ depending on their magical parent, however, they do have a power in common.

  • Form swapping: Demimyths, as mentioned above, can switch between their human form and their mythical form at will.


Demimyth weaknesses depend on their magical parent.